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Welcome to Chimney Rock, located in the picturesque Lake Lure, NC. The homeowners fell in love with this spot and its three charming cabins, which they now rent out on AirBNB. Perched directly above these cabins, the site for their new home offers breathtaking views of Lake Lure and, through the trees, a glimpse of Chimney Rock to the east. The homeowners dreamed of a minimalistic A-Frame home that combines the rustic feel of camping with the comfort of modern amenities, including an attached guest cabin for visiting family.


Designing an A-Frame home comes with unique challenges, particularly due to the steeply sloped roof limiting floor space. Our solution? Extend the form and use the exterior wall to perfectly frame the northern view of Lake Lure. We also cleverly framed the view of Chimney Rock to the east with the staircase, so as you climb to the second floor, it’s like you’re moving towards the iconic rock itself. The home features highly insulated walls and triple-glazed windows that support passive cooling, making it energy efficient. Inspired by the local Appalachian homes, we used metal roofs and wood siding, with dark cladding to help the home blend seamlessly into the woods.

Chimney Rock is designed to make you feel one with nature. A large, open living space with skylights and expansive glass walls ensures you always feel connected to the outdoors. The structure of the house is crafted to highlight the natural beauty surrounding it, framing important views and letting in plenty of natural light.


Although the project was ultimately abandoned and the property sold due to increasing construction costs, the vision for Chimney Rock remains a compelling example of blending modern design with natural beauty. The concept of creating a low-maintenance, eco-friendly home that feels like a luxurious camping experience is one that continues to inspire.




Lake Lure, NC


A-frame home, Lake Lure, Modern amenities, Eco-friendly design, Scenic views

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Chimney Rock Residence

Michael possesses a combination of visionary design skills and a keen understanding of the importance of visual representation. His architectural projects are a testament to his innovative thinking and commitment to creating spaces that seamlessly blend functionality with aesthetic appeal.
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