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A car enthusiast sought to build a vacation home on a newly acquired plot of land nestled on the steep slopes of Town Mountain, overlooking Asheville, North Caroline. The client’s vision was to create a retreat that felt integrated with the mountainous terrain and dense forest surroundings. The primary challenge was the land’s steep gradient, which necessitated the construction of a long driveway through the forest and a leveled pad for the foundation. A notable feature of the site is its alignment with a historic 200+ year-old tree, adding a significant natural landmark to the property.


The homeowner desired an A-frame home that required careful development to meet the specific needs of his family. In a design-build collaboration, we worked closely with the builder to adapt the original concept to fit within the budget constraints. One unique element stemmed from the owner's passion for his cars; this inspired the creation of a standout garage adjacent to the A-frame structure, designed specifically to highlight his new vehicle and collection. The challenging slope also presented a unique opportunity to design a two-story garage with an under-slab storage area, ideal for housing the owner’s ATV, hunting, and hiking gear.


Upon arrival, the home presents a mysterious first impression with an entry devoid of windows, preserving the interior's surprise element. This suspense is dramatically resolved upon entering, where a floor-to-ceiling glass wall immerses the interior in natural light and panoramic views. The house’s elevation, combined with the slope’s descent, offers an extraordinary sensation of dwelling among the treetops.


Unfortunately, this project encountered significant difficulties post-construction due to budget and scope overruns. As a result, the construction was halted midway, and the property remains unfinished. This turn of events underscores the complexities and risks often inherent in custom architectural projects.

This version aims to maintain a structured, coherent narrative flow, clearly delineating each aspect of the project while highlighting the unique features and challenges involved.




Asheville, NC


Residential design, Custom home, Modern architecture, Wooden house, Sustainable design, Open floor plan

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Town Mountain

Michael possesses a combination of visionary design skills and a keen understanding of the importance of visual representation. His architectural projects are a testament to his innovative thinking and commitment to creating spaces that seamlessly blend functionality with aesthetic appeal.
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