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  • Michael Carney, AIA

Why do I need you?

You have the land, the idea and maybe even a plan from an online plan service. Why do you need an architect?

Does the plan fit the site? Will the municipality allow the plan to be built as it was designed? Have you reviewed the locally adopted building codes and implemented the requirements into the plans? What licensed professional is going to accept liability for the set of drawings? The list of questions goes on....

These are challenges that Studio Carney works through in all our projects. Large or small, certain aspects of a project need to be resolved long before the completion of construction documents. We have developed a process when entering into the conceptualization phase of a project that identifies any potential constraints to the project. Before moving beyond the first design milestone, Studio Carney has a good understanding of the project objectives and how they will be impacted by the building codes, site constraints, and local municipal zoning requirements.

Studio Carney provides our clients early on with solutions to an uncovered constraint allowing them to make educated decisions on the direction of their project. We understand the potential constraints that may affect a residential or commercial project and work to uncover them, providing that knowledge to our clients through effective communication.

It has been our experience that engaging an architect in the beginning saves time and reduces complications throughout the design and construction of a project.


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