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architectural services

We offer a range of architectural services designed to support your architectural projects from inception to completion. Our team of experts provides the insights, documentation, and oversight necessary to ensure the success of your project, whether it’s a new construction, renovation, or sustainable development.

how can we help you?

feasibility study

We analyze project sites, municipal requirements, and existing infrastructure to provide a comprehensive feasibility assessment.


• Informed Decisions: Get clear recommendations on the viability of your project.

• Risk Mitigation: Identify potential challenges early in the process.

Cost Savings: Avoid costly mistakes by understanding site limitations upfront.


We determine the scope of work for your project, ensuring all requirements are clearly defined.


Clarity: Define project goals and requirements from the start.

Efficiency: Streamline project planning with a clear scope of work.

Alignment: Ensure all stakeholders are on the same page.

design services

From schematic design to construction documentation, we develop all necessary documents for bidding, permitting, and construction.


Comprehensive Documentation: Detailed plans ready for contractor bidding and construction.

Permitting Support: Ensure all designs meet regulatory requirements.

Quality Assurance: Maintain high standards throughout the design process.

bidding and negotiating

We field bids from contractors, analyze them, and provide assessments to help you select the best contractor.


Best Value: Secure competitive bids from qualified contractors.

Expert Analysis: Make informed decisions with our detailed bid assessments.

Contractor Selection: Choose the right contractor with confidence.

construction administration

We make regular site visits to observe the construction process and ensure it aligns with the construction documents.


Quality Control: Monitor construction to maintain standards.

Issue Resolution: Address any issues promptly on-site.

Project Integrity: Ensure the project is built according to plans.

sustainable design

We provide analysis, design recommendations, and assessments for LEED and other sustainable projects.


Eco-Friendly: Reduce environmental impact with sustainable practices.

Cost Efficiency: Lower operating costs through energy-efficient designs.

Certification Support: Achieve LEED or other sustainability certifications.

urban and community design

We create holistic designs that incorporate community needs and enhance urban spaces.


Community Focused: Design spaces that meet the needs of residents.

Integrated Solutions: Combine residential, commercial, and recreational areas.

Enhanced Livability: Improve quality of life through thoughtful design.

3D renderings

We provide 3D models for marketing, fundraising, and design concept review and approval.


Visual Clarity: Present your project with realistic 3D visuals.

Stakeholder Engagement: Facilitate approvals with clear, detailed models.

Marketing Advantage: Use renderings for promotional and fundraising efforts.

site selection

We assist clients in assessing potential project sites, providing minimum site requirements to aid in the selection process.


Optimal Locations: Choose the best site for your project needs.

Due Diligence: Comprehensive site assessments to avoid surprises.

Strategic Advantage: Gain insights to select strategically valuable sites.

building condition audit

We provide an analysis and assessment of existing buildings and their components.


Detailed Insights: Understand the current condition of your building.

Maintenance Planning: Plan for necessary improvements or repairs.

Value Assessment: Determine the building’s value and potential.

frequently asked questions

  • A feasibility study helps you make informed decisions by providing a comprehensive assessment of a project’s viability, identifying potential challenges, and saving costs by avoiding unforeseen issues.

  • Programming defines the project scope, ensuring clarity and alignment among all stakeholders, which streamlines the planning and execution phases, making the process more efficient.

  • Design services ensure that all necessary documentation is prepared for contractor bidding, permitting, and construction, maintaining high standards and compliance with regulations.

  • Our bidding & negotiating service ensures you receive competitive bids from qualified contractors, enabling you to make informed decisions and select the best value contractor for your project.

  • Construction administration involves regular site visits to monitor progress, ensure quality control, resolve issues promptly, and verify that the project aligns with the construction documents.

  • Sustainable design reduces environmental impact, lowers operating costs, and can help achieve certifications like LEED, demonstrating your commitment to eco-friendly practices.

  • Urban and community design creates holistic, integrated spaces that meet the needs of residents, improving overall quality of life and fostering community engagement.

  • 3D renderings provide visual clarity, facilitate stakeholder engagement and approvals, and offer a marketing advantage by presenting realistic visuals for promotional efforts.

  • We provide comprehensive assessments of potential project sites, helping you choose locations that meet your project needs and avoid unforeseen issues, ensuring strategic site selection.

  • A building condition audit includes a detailed analysis of the current state of an existing building, helping you plan for necessary improvements or repairs and assess the building’s value.

hear from our clients

Don’t just take our word for it – hear what our satisfied clients have to say about working with Studio Carney Architecture

Travis Heberling

Michael possesses a combination of visionary design skills and a keen understanding of the importance of visual representation. His architectural projects are a testament to his innovative thinking and commitment to creating spaces that seamlessly blend functionality with aesthetic appeal.

Andrea B

Michael really helped us out with getting a variance for our basement remodel. Our house is 100+ years old and we had some modern day codes to contend with. Without Michael coming with us to board hearings, we wouldn't have been able to proceed without tearing down the entire house.

Greg A

Michael was a pleasure to work with. He went above and beyond trying to find us the right contractors to work on the addition for our house. I would highly recommend him. The design for our addition was superb.

Margery K

We recommend working with Studio Carney. I will be framing drawings for wall art in our renovated space. Our project included, knocking down walls, new kitchen, new powder room, new staircase and an edit to layout of the space. It was a large project that was a challenge, Michael delivered!

Angelo Labriola

Mike was extremely knowledgeable, and easy to work with when we did a complete renovation of our historic home in Oak Park. We completed our project recently but started with him in late 2017 and early 2018 - he was available to answer any questions we had and provide us with estimates on cost or opinions on changes we were looking to make. Highly recommended.

Patti N

Working with Michael brought us results that exceeded our expectations. Michael listened to our needs, presented options, and led us to decisions that maximized the use of our space and budget. We couldn't be more pleased with the end result and are the envy of all our friends when we show it off.

Sumeet Gupta

Mike is as thorough an architect as they come...his experience with contemporary design, understanding of Village codes, creative ideas to solving issues, ease of availability - all these traits made it a fun, enriching relationship. His drawings had every detail spelled out so clearly that left my GC amazed. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend him and rehire should a need arise. 

Nancy F

 I really appreciated Mike's eye for detail. After choosing and tweaking a design together, we got to work. Mike went above and beyond by personally helping me select components for the new bathroom. He was always available for questions and concerns I had throughout the construction process.

Ling J

Michael was very patient and took the time to understand my needs. He did exactly what I needed at a very good fee. Huge stress reliever.

Paula Pelissero

Michael went above and beyond our expectations in making connections with county zoning - project managers - construction - civil engineers and the like to ensure that our project in an unincorporated area would be hiccup free. Just part of his commitment to making sure the project would get a green light. We highly recommend Michael Carney!

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